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I was first introduced to yoga by my mom, who started - for lack of a better word - dragging me to her weekly yoga classes when I was 11 or 12. Knowing nothing about the philosophy behind it or its teachings, I pouted every Saturday morning as we drove to the yoga studio, for what I considered to be a pointless hour spent amongst "old ladies" and a teacher saying things in a language I didn't understand. 

It wasn't until ten years later, when I moved to New York City, thousands of miles away from home, that Yoga and I reunited. Amidst a world full of changes and a wealth of variables outside my control, I found refuge in the reliability of Yoga. There was, however, still something missing in all of my experiences; sometimes the loud music right outside the studio at the gym, at other times the rushed and transactional feel of certain studios around the city all seemed to lack something I couldn't quite put into words. 

This all changed when I was introduced to Sky Ting Yoga through a friend who worked there at the time, and realized exactly what I was missing. Through Sky Ting, I gained a new community that I'm happy to call family, met Jenn Tardif, who has become my teacher and a very good friend, and learned about Katonah Yoga.

Katonah Yoga incorporates Taoist teachings, sacred geometry, and Traditional Chinese Medicine to offer a practice of longevity that focuses on physical form, which ultimately informs the practitioner's wellbeing - both physical and psychological. Katonah's pragmatic approach towards concepts that are often presented in intimidating or inaccessible ways, combined with the additional philosophical and theoretical trainings I continue to partake in awakened a newfound appreciation, respect, and perhaps most importantly, curiosity in Yoga. 

In my classes, I combine Katonah teachings with the flow of Vinyasa, incorporating thoughtfully curated playlists, scents, and hands-on adjustments with the aim to offer experiences that speak to multiple senses simultaneously. 

Ongoing & Upcoming Offerings:

See this for private class inquiries.

Stay tuned for group classes in Istanbul :)

3rd Ritual Retreat : November 23 - 25, 2019 | 10am - 12pm | LUX Resorts Mauritius

Past Offerings:

Asana : September 2 & 9 | 11am & 8am | The BODRUM Edition

Asana : Sundays | 6:30pm | Sky Ting Yoga Tribeca, NYC

Meditation : Wednesday, April 25 | 6:00pm | Lululemon's Hub Seventeen, NYC

Spring Alchemy, a 3rd Ritual Ceremony : Sunday, May 20 | 3:30pm | Sky Ting Yoga Chinatown, NYC